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Homeschool Science Activities


Enjoy Learning About Rocks As You Play The FREE Geology Game – Rock Slides And Arrows 0

Enjoy learning about rocks as you play the FREE geology gamePlaying a free geology game to learn about rocks or at least to review what you have learned about rocks!

Understanding the physics of music, plus a free SQUILT lesson 0


What in the world do musical instruments have to do with physics? Actually, quite a lot! Click "Read More" to gain an understanding of the physics of music and then use that new found knowledge to complete a SQUILT lesson.

Got a black thumb? Make a seed board with your kids instead of planting a garden! 0

Save those seeds from certain death in the ground and use them to teach your kids instead. Click "Read More" to see 4 steps for making your very own, completely unique seed board.

Learn about physics and race to the finish with your own great LEGO Balloon Car Race 0

Have fun as you learn about Newton's 3rd Law of Motion in this physics activity. Click "Read More" to see how you can have your own LEGO Balloon Car Race.

3 Ideas for Building Simple Machines at Home 0

A simple machine is a tool that you can use to help you to do work. Click "Read More" to see three ideas for building simple machines at home.

How you can use kitchen science to send a secret message on Valentine's Day 0

Valentine's day is the perfect time to use a bit of kitchen science to send a secret message to your loved one! Click "Read More" to see how you can do this.

How to perform your own Kitchen Acid Test 0

Too cold outside? No problem! Have some indoor fun with this Kitchen Acid Test. Click "Read More" to see this simple homeschool science activity you can add to your chemistry plans!

How you can turn an icky fungus into a mushroom spore print masterpiece 0


Is your yard covered with icky fungal fruiting bodies? Put on some gloves, harvest one of those, and use it to make a mushroom spore print masterpiece!

Click "Read More" to see the directions for this project.

Knowing How to Convert Units of Measurement Saved my Life {Printable Included} 0

Knowing how to convert units literally saved my life! Click "Read More" see how you can emphasize units of measurement in your homeschool and download a free printable.