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And now you are ready to make an educated guess - how to formulate your hypothesis

June 26, 2017 1 min read

And now you are ready to make an educated guess - how to formulate your hypothesis {Science Fair Project Challenge Episode 3}

You have your topic.  You have done your research. Now, you are ready to make an educated guess.

In the third science fair project challenge episode, we are going to discuss the hypothesis and how to formulate one for your project!

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Step 3: Formulate a Hypothesis Highlights

The third step of the science fair project is to formulate a hypothesis. This phase is patterned after step three of the scientific method.

A hypothesis is normally simple “if-then” statement that is no more than one sentence long.

Your students are ready to make a hypothesis, or educated guess, about the answer to their question. This step will be relatively easy because the students have been well prepared.

The students need to:

  1. Review all of their research and their question.
  2. Formulate an answer to their project’s question.

    Resources for this Science Fair Project Step

    Download the science fair project worksheets to use as you go through this step with your students.

    Check out the following post for help with completing this step of the science fair project:

    Or email with your questions.

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