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Wrapping up your science fair project – Science Fair Session, part 3 {Episode 49}


Wrapping up your science fair project – Science Fair Session, part 3 {Episode 49}


You are in the home stretch! All that is left in your science fair project is to analyze your results and share what you have learned with others. So, today we are going to join the final part of the science fair project where we discuss the last three steps and a bit about ethics.

Hi, I’m Paige Hudson and you are listening to the Tips for Homeschool Science Show where we are breaking down the lofty concepts of science into building blocks you can use in your homeschool!

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Listen to how to wrap up your science fair project.

The sixth step of the science fair project is to analyze the data. Your students need to:

  • Review and organize the data.
  • State the answer.
  • Draw several conclusions.

The seventh step of the science fair project is to create a board. Your students need to:

  • Plan out the board.
  • Prepare the information.
  • Put the board together.

The eighth step of the science fair project is to give the presentation. Your students need to:

  • Prepare the presentation.
  • Practice the presentation.
  • Share the presentation.

You need a supervising scientist if:

  • You are using humans or animals in your tests.
  • You are using hazardous chemicals or controlled substances.

Takeaway Tidbits

You can give your science fair project presentation to family, friends, or to an audience of stuffed animals!  (Pin this Tidbit)
The purpose of the presentation is for your students to share what they have learned with others.  (Pin this Tidbit)
Ethics in a nutshell ->Don’t cause any harm!  (Pin this Tidbit)

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