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3 Science-packed ideas for using up those candy corns {Episode 16}


Episode 16 - 3 Science-packed ideas for using up those candy corns

I know that there is a bag of candy corns sitting in your kitchen right now. And you don’t really want those triangular treats to rot on top of your fridge, do you?

In episode 16 of the Tips for Homeschool Science Show, I am going to share with you three science-packed ideas for getting rid of those candy corns before the candy canes start rolling in!

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The Highlights

Three science-packed ways you can use up all those candy corns in your kitchen:

  1. Launch a candy corn – Make a simple catapult using a clothes pin, a spoon, and some tape, and then use it to launch candy corns.
  2. Dissolve a candy corn – Try dissolving candy corns in oil, cold or warm water, or clear soda to see what happens.
  3. Make a candy corn structure – Use toothpicks and candy corns to make a castle of your own design.

Additional Resources

Check out the following articles for a few more Halloween science ideas:

For more fall science fun, check out the following Pinterest Board!

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  • Paige Hudson
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