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Quick tips for doing experiments at home {Episode 3}

April 18, 2016 1 min read

Tips for doing experiments at home {Episode 3} 

In this episode of the Teaching Science at Home show (formerly known as The Elemental Science Show), Paige shares her best tips to help you actually do experiments at home, along with what you can do when that experiment doesn't go quite as you had planned!

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The Highlights

3 Tips for Experiment Success

  1. Have the materials on hand.
  2. Read ahead
  3. Follow the directions

What to do when at experiment fails

  1. Re-read the directions.
  2. Read the expected results and explanation.
  3. Ask several questions.
    • Did I follow all the directions?
    • Did I have all the correct supplies?
    • Were any of my supplies expired or outdated?
    • How did what I saw differ from what should have happened?
    • Are there any obvious reasons why the experiment failed?
    1. Correct and try again.
    2. Discuss.

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