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Leaping over the hurdle of experiments! {Episode 2}


Leaping over the hurdle of experiments! {Episode 2}

In this episode of the Teaching Science at Home show (formerly known as The Elemental Science Show), Paige encourages you to leap over the hurdle of experiments to have success with the hands-on aspect of teaching science at home.

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The Highlights

The Hurdle of Experiments

The number one struggle I hear with teaching science is having to do experiments.

  1. Experiments are messy.
  2. Experiments don’t work.
  3. Experiments are frustrating.

Why you need experiments in your homeschool?

  1. Experiments are the hands-on aspect of science.
  2. Experiments provide practical reinforcement of what the students are studying.
  3. Experiments allow students to interact with science face-to-face, showing them that science is more than just facts and figures.

Getting over the "experiments at home" hurdle

  1. All experiments are learning opportunities.
    • If the experiment goes the way it should – great!
    • If the experiment doesn’t go the way it should – ask why.

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