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Why should you bother to teach science? {Episode 1}

March 14, 2016 2 min read

Why should you bother to teach science? {Episode 1}

In our very first episode of the Teaching Science at Home show (formerly known as The Elemental Science Show), Paige tackles the big "WHY" question, as in, "Why should you even bother to teach science at home?"

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The Highlights

Why Teach Science?

The two practical reasons for teaching science to our students:

  1. High schools require students to take several science classes in order to receive their diploma.
  2. Every major university expects students to have several of these courses on their transcripts.

The two ideological reasons for teaching science to our students:

  1. The first purpose is that science will give the students a better awareness of themselves and the world around them.
    • Science is all around us.
    • Students learn the why’s behind the things that take place every day around them.
  2. The second purpose is that science helps to train your brain to think in a logical manner.
    • The scientific method is the formula that all scientists learn to use for approaching a problem.

    As homeschoolers we have the privilege of sharing this amazing subject with our students.

    1. We have the chance to make science enjoyable and not intimidating
    2. We have the opportunity to ignite a passion in our students to learn more about the world around them. 
    3. We have the freedom to use this subject to exercise the logical side of their brains.

    Learn more about how you can teach science with our programs!

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