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7 Organizational Tips For Notebooking

May 12, 2015 3 min read

7 Organizational Tips for Notebooking

It is no secret that I prefer notebooking over worksheets, but over the years we have accumulated quite a notebook collection. While I am so thankful to have these keepsakes in our home, my relationship with notebooking hasn’t always been sunshine and roses.

It took a bit of time for me to figure out an organizational system that works for us. One that allows us to reap the benefits of notebooking while taming what I like to refer to as the notebooking clutter beast!

Today, the Sassafras twins have asked me to come back and share with you all some of my best tips organizational tips for notebooking.

Of course, I agreed. So here are seven tips to help you out on your notebooking quest!

Tip # 1 – Keep It All Together.

Admit it – right now in your house there is at least one stack of papers that needs to be filed away.

I know that I am not the only one whose “to-be-filed” stack has become thicker than two reams of paper. And I know that I am not the only one who has spent hours hole-punching and filing away papers for notebooking keepsakes at the end of the year.

What I have found is that when I keep all the notebooking pages together for one subject, I save quite of bit of time. Here are a few ideas for how you can tame the notebooking clutter beast:

  • Spring for that pre-printed or bound copy of a student notebook.
  • Keep a file folder for each subject and place the papers in there in order throughout the year. Then, hole-punch and file as you have time.
  • Use a bound journal, composition book, or a spiral notebook with your student.

Tip # 2 – Plan Ahead.

If you decide to find your notebooking pages as you go, you can quickly get overwhelmed! Not only are there a ton of pages you can download on the Internet, it is just way too easy to forget where you found a page and when you planned to use it.

I have found that planning ahead keeps me organized in the notebooking department. Here are some ideas for keeping track of the notebooking pages you have found:

  • Keep a Pinterest board for each subject (or for each year).
  • Print out pages you know you are going to use and place them in a file folder or binder ready to go.
  • Bookmark those “go-to” websites you regularly use for finding notebooking pages.

Tip # 3 – Store Your Notebooks In An Accessible Place.

Trust me on this one, you will want to look back at your students’ notebooks. And, for that matter, so will the students.

When we first got started with notebooking, I would pack up the notebooks and store them with the rest of the materials from that year. Then, every time we wanted to walk down memory lane, it involved a hike up into the semi-scary attic!

Now, we have a shelf dedicated to old notebooks, so we can enjoy, laugh at, and reference them with ease!

4 More Quick Organizational Tips

Tip #4 – Add a Pocket.

There are always projects, keepsakes, or pictures that just won’t fit onto a sheet. A pocket can help you keep track of these.

Tip #5 – Tape the Spines.

If you are using spiral notebooks, tape the spine with some colorful duct tape to keep the metal from snagging.

Tip #6 – Use a Bookmark.

An index card marking where you are in your notebook comes in especially handy when you are using a pre-printed one.

Tip #7 – Include a Table of Contents.

A table of contents is super helpful when you go to reference your notebook years after you completed the work!

I trust that these tips will help you get organized when it comes to notebooking!

by Paige Hudson

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