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An Interview With The Authors Of The Sassafras Science Series

January 19, 2016 3 min read

In this interview with the authors from the Sassafras Science series, you will find out what their favorite character is and more!

We got impatient.

We were so excited to share our earth science journey with you all that we begged and begged the powers-that-be to let us release the book today.

And the good news is that they agreed!! So Happy Birthday to Volume 4!! Sing with me now {deep breath}:

Happy birthday for you,
Earth science leg, woo hoo,
We're so glad you've come to join us,
Happy Birthday, woo hoo!

Well, some of us are a bit rusty, eh?

Anywho, in honor of the halfway point in sharing our summer science journey with you all, we are sharing an interview with the authors.  Johnny and Paige sat down with us to share about their experience writing the Sassafras Science series.

Super big thanks to all of you who submitted questions. Let's get to their answers...

An Interview With The Authors Of Sassafras Science

Where and when do you like to do your writing?

Johnny: I like to write at a coffee shop early in the morning. I also like when I am surrounded by Chinese speakers having their own conversations because that produces the perfect level of "white noise" in my opinion.

Paige: I also write early in the morning before the kids get up and we get to homeschooling. I write at my desk, which in our basement office, with a cup of coffee.

Are some of the stories from actual facts, like the dump, where the truck driver had designed a process to break down the items which were dumped?

Johnny: The Lubbock Texas location was based entirely on the idea that the "smart dump" would work as much like a human stomach as possible. To my knowledge, there is no dump that exists in the world, that works exactly like Burly Scav's Smart Dump. Most of the stories are conceived and guided by the scientific topics earmarked for those given chapters/locations. I do always seem to have some ideas floating around upstairs with story concepts that are ready to go when called upon.

What's your favorite place the twins have been from the first four volumes?

Johnny: That's a hard one because I tried to treat each location with care and did my best to create the best storyline for the locations they happened in. If I am forced to pick one though, maybe I will just stick with my roots and say Oklahoma City.

Paige: Hmm, I agree with Johnny, that it is very hard to choose just one because each one has endeared itself to me for its own reasons. If I was pressed to choose just one it would probably be the Amazon Rainforest in Peru with Alvaro or maybe China with Tashi or Bangkok with Dr. Apple. Told you I couldn't pick just one!

Who are the inspirations behind the characters of Blaine & Tracey?

Johnny: Blaine is inspired by the oldest child of yours truly.  And Tracey is inspired by Paige's oldest child.

Paige: The original idea behind having twins was to give both boys and girls a character with which they could identify, but the artistic inspiration behind the actual characters of Blaine and Tracey are our own children.

Which character from the series are you most like?

Johnny: Probably Blaine.

Paige: Dr. Apple because she was actually patterned after me.

Who is your favorite character from volume 4?

Johnny: Sylvia Thunderstone because she is based on my wife.

Paige: There are so many great characters in the earth science leg. If I had to choose just one, it would probably be Hawk Talons. He's the one who says one of my favorite quotes from the book, "Know the science of the earth. Know the science of survival."

Will there be a big reveal of the Man With No Eyebrows?

Johnny: Someday every last one of your questions about the Man With No Eyebrows will be answered . . . someday.

Paige: Well, there is quite a big reveal about the MWNE in volume 4 - we finally get to learn his name and a bit more about more, but I don't want to spoil it for you, so I won't share anymore!

Wow - love the insights we got into our authors. If you want to read about Sylvia and Hawk, grab your copy of volume 4 today!

Blaineand Tracey Sassafras

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