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YouTube Channels {Homeschool Science Tip from Elemental Science}

October 24, 2016 2 min read

Homeschool Science Tip - Subscribe to several YouTube channels for science.

In this fast-paced digital world teemed with gadgets and social media, it’s hard to keep your students focused and engaged in learning. But with the right strategy, you can use technology to enhance science instruction and inspire a new generation of scientists.

You can integrate technology into your homeschool by using digital tools like video sharing sites on the web. We particularly love YouTube – it’s a vast resource for fun and engaging educational contents. We recommend subscribing to these YouTube channels for homeschool science:

  1. ACS Reactions – Their videos (most are less than 5 minutes) offers a useful mix of educational and entertainment value. They explain everyday chemistry and science concepts in a fun and easy way.
  2. TED-Ed – Their channel contains hundreds of videos on a wide variety of subjects, most are STEM-related topics presented by great educators and experts around the world.
  3. Space to Ground from NASA – A web series that features NASA astronauts and their activities aboard the International Space Station.
  4. The Spangler Effect – Celebrity science teacher Steve Spangler brings you into a whole new world of learning science – one that involves fizzing, popping, and lots of explosions!
  5. National Geographic – This is a popular destination for anything science and exploration. You’ll be mesmerized by their world-class videos and documentaries.
  6. Tips for Homeschool Science – This is our collection of videos showcasing valuable tips on how to make teaching science at home interesting and effortless!

    Disclaimer – Always preview any video, including those from channels you are subscribed to, before sharing it with your children to make sure that it is appropriate for your family!

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