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Take a Break {Homeschool Science Tip from Elemental Science}


Homeschool Science Tip - For the first time, actually take that well-deserved break from your normal science routine.

We homeschoolers are notorious for turning even the most mundane experience into a learning activity. We create school lessons from trips to the grocery store and from a walk to the park. I have even been guilty of turning our Christmas tree decoration time into a physics lesson!

And for the most part, this is a good habit. But the downside of always searching for learning opportunities is that it will burn you and your children out. I know that it doesn't seem like there will ever come a day when you don't want to teach your children, but if you burn the candle at both ends . . . that day is inevitable.

You cannot teach every minute of every day all year long.

You need a break to refresh and recharge. 

Your children need a break to process all that you have taught them.

Which brings me to this month's tip - for the first time, this holiday season, actually take that well-deserved break from your normal science (and homeschool) routine. You can choose to do absolutely nothing for that time or just have fun doing some holiday science activities with no pressure to learn anything.

I know it seems counter-productive and you fear you will fall behind, but trust me - a week or two off around the holidays will be just what you all need. And then, you will be able to head into the new year refreshed and ready to enjoy teaching science once again!

Are you on the verge of crashing and burning? Here are three tips to help you avoid burnout.

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  • Paige Hudson