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Homeschool Science Tip of the Month {Have Supplies}


Homeschool Science Tip - Have the supplies for your experiments on hand.

I know that I am not the only one who has picked up my science guide to start our lesson only to realize that on the schedule for the day is an experiment that requires 20 toothpicks and there is not a single one to be found anywhere in the house!

Experiences like these have led me to my number one tip for experiments – have supplies for your experiment hand.

You can do this by gathering all the materials you will need at regular intervals.  This can be at the beginning of each week, every six weeks, twice a school year or before the year even begins.  If you do keep a science supply cabinet, be sure to check it a couple of days before you are scheduled to do the experiment as you may find that someone has raided your cabinet :-)!

And if the idea of having to keep a science supply cabinet doesn’t appeal to you, you can also purchase a pre-made kit or make one of your own.

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  • Paige Hudson