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Have Fun {Homeschool Science Tip from Elemental Science}

February 04, 2019 2 min read

Homeschool Science Tip of the Month - Don't forget to have fun!

About a week ago, I did something I rarely do - I let my kiddos stay up way past their bedtime in order to watch the lunar eclipse. I knew that staying up meant the kids would sleep in the next day and we would have to cut out part of my plans because there just wouldn't be time to finish it all or cranky attitudes.

But in that moment, we laughed as we huddled to stay warm and we oohed and aahed as we watched the moon disappear and turn red. In short, we had fun. 

Sometimes we get in the rut of teaching that we forget to have fun with homeschooling. We forget that we control the schedule, not the lesson plans. And we forget that it is totally fine to adjust the plans in order to make room for a bit of fun. 

You can spontaneously drop your plans or schedule an enjoyable break, but here are a few ideas for adding a bit homeschooling fun:

  • Stay up late to watch an astronomical event.
  • Watch movies all day long.
  • Go on a field trip.
  • Bake and decorate a cake.
  • Head out to local park or hiking trail.
  • Build with LEGOS.
  • Spend a whole day just doing experiments.

Whatever you decide to do, the memories you create will be worth the adjustment to those "perfect" plans. So, this month - don't forget to have fun in your homeschool!

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