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Elemental Science Giveaway - $50 Gift Certificate


Enter to Win some Free Science!

Enter to win a $50 gift certificate discount that can be used towards your purchase of our preschool programs, our classic series, Sassafras Science, or any of teacher help books!

At Elemental Science, we provide people just like you the easy-to-use science plans that you have been looking for. We invite you to dig into all that we offer here at Elemental Science!

We suggest that you start with learning more about the philosophy behind our programs. Or you can head right to figuring out which one of our series will work for your unique set of students. If you have any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know!

How Do I Enter?

  1. Sign in using the Rafflecopter widget below.
  2. Complete the first task, answering the question in the comments below.
  3. After you finish the first task, several bonus entries will be revealed. Click the small arrow next to each entry option to reveal a drop-down box with instructions. Click the checkbox in the lower right corner of the drop-down box to confirm your entry. 
  4. The more bonus entries you do, the greater your chances of winning!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Few Details

  • The giveaway will be open until 12:00 AM EST, Thursday, January 26th, 2017.
  • The winner will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter and contacted via email on January 26th, 2017. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen in their place.
  • Shipping is included on all our products to US addresses. All books are shipped via media mail; all experiment kits are shipped via priority mail. We do also offer the option to upgrade to priority shipping for a nominal fee.
  • We can ship to virtually any address in the world.  However, international customers will be charged for shipping. Note that there are restrictions on some products and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations.
  • If the winner makes a purchase of the giveaway item during the giveaway period, we will refund their order for the value of the giveaway item.
  • Upon request, store credit at Elemental Science will be awarded for the value of the giveaway item (excluding shipping costs).

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  • Bradley Hudson
Comments 59
  • Paige Hudson
    Paige Hudson

    Karen B, glad to see you guys enjoyed biology!

    Juana K, thanks for checking us out and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions as you make your decision.

    Wendi S, ours too :-)!

  • Paige Hudson
    Paige Hudson

    Susan B., for younger kids you can use what is already in your house and kitchen for the experiments.

    Denise G., I would say that the hands-on aspect of science is critical from the beginning, but if you don’t like setting up experiments, give nature study a try for the early years :-).

    Jackie V., sounds like you could really benefit from an open-and-go curriculum – best of luck on the giveaway!

    Elani, Yeah! Best of luck on the giveaway!

    Shanie R., glad to see you guys had a good year and thank you for your kind words!

  • Paige Hudson
    Paige Hudson

    Becci, the Sassafras twins are super fun!

    Jamie, glad you enjoyed your journey and best of luck!

    Jaclyn, welcome to the ES fam!

    Heather, best of luck!

    Megan, good to hear you guys enjoy experiments!!

  • Wendi S
    Wendi S

    experiments are my kiddos’ favorite part of science :)

  • Juana Keller
    Juana Keller

    a friend just recommended this to me b/c we are looking for a new curricula, i love how well laid out this is… it may be our big winner.

  • Karen B
    Karen B

    We have enjoyed the biology series and are ready to start the Earth Science books

  • Shanie Rothman
    Shanie Rothman

    We’ve loved biology this year, we will forever use elemental for our science curriculum. Our boys love it!

  • Elani

    We just started using this curriculum this year and love it so far! Looking forward to continuing with it!

  • Jackie V
    Jackie V

    For me, science can be a difficult subject to teach because of all the preparatory work that consumes so much time. I would be thrilled to try Elemental Science with my children and see how it works out with them in accelerating their knowledge of Science.

  • Denise G
    Denise G

    At what level are experiments imperative? My kids love them, but I hate setting them up!!

  • Susan Biddle
    Susan Biddle

    How much materials or special equipment are needed usually for your experiments for younger kids?

  • Megan

    My daughters have had such a fun time doing the experiments this year.

  • Heather C.
    Heather C.

    Would love to win!!

  • Jaclyn T.
    Jaclyn T.

    We just purchased the Intro to Science program and Kit. I am excited to give my little scientist more hands on fun. We also love to read the Sassafras books together! Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Jaime Shores
    Jaime Shores

    We have enjoyed Sassafras Science Adventures and are planning to start on the Classic series next school year. A gift certificate would really be helpful.

  • Becci Sundberg
    Becci Sundberg

    We are realling looking forward to reading all about the Sassafras Twins adventures in Zoology this term!

  • Paige Hudson
    Paige Hudson

    Jessica, Glad you found us and best of luck on the giveaway!

    Dawn, Glad you found us and please let us know if you have questions as you do your research.

    Vanessa, Sounds like you have a good plan – the preschool years are so much fun.

    Kelly, Glad to see you are enjoying our programs so far!

    Libby, Yeah! Glad you found us.

    Jamie, Glad you found us and best of luck on the giveaway.

  • Jamie

    We are planning on using Elemental Science for our curriculum in the upcoming school year. We have searched for a few years for a curriculum to fit us, and this one looks perfect!! We are excited to try it out!

  • Libby

    Your science curriculum looks to be exactly what we’ve been searching for! SO excited to get started! Thank you!!!

  • Kelly

    We are really enjoying your Physics program this year and are looking forward to checking out Biology for next year!

  • Vanessa

    I’ve been searching for a charlotte mason/ Classical education style science curriculum and I found you and can’t wait to try one of your Preschool Series with my kids.

  • Dawn

    I just found out about this curriculum and I am looking forward to reading more about it!

  • Jessica

    We started homeschooling a year ago and have been struggling to find a science curriculum that works well for my 8th grader. I think we’re going to give Earth Science Logic a try!

  • Paige Hudson
    Paige Hudson

    Tara B., Glad you are enjoying our programs – thank you for your sweet comments!

    Laura S., Thank you and best of luck for the giveaway!

    Jacquelin C., We have all been victims of the “grass is greener” syndrome – glad to have you back :-)!

    Sandi S., Glad you guys are enjoying our programs so far – I’ll be sending an email with the answer to your nature study question soon!

    Jen H., Owl pellets are hard to forget! And you are welcome.

    Linsey W., Sounds like you have a great plan for next year!

    Ashley, Glad you found us and welcome to the fam :-)!

  • Ashley

    Wish I had found this curriculum sooner! Can’t wait to start using it in a few weeks with my first grader. Takes the guess work out of the experiments leaving only time for fun!

  • Linsey Williams
    Linsey Williams

    We’ll be trying out chemistry for the grammar stage for 2017! We plan to use the lapbooking templates to create an interactive notebook!

  • Jen Haugh
    Jen Haugh

    Dissecting owl pellets was one of the most memorable experiments so far this year with our BIology unit.
    Thank you!!

  • Sandi Stone
    Sandi Stone

    We love all the projects in Earth Science and Astronomy for the grammar stage. we are looking forward to using Chemistry for the grammar stage next year and getting into science fair projects in the logic stage. Do you have any tips for doing nature study during the logic stage and beyond?

  • Jacquelin Caffey
    Jacquelin Caffey

    Making the transition back to ES from another popular science program. Your program is superb and I really wish that we didn’t stray, but you live and learn, right? :-) I love the way your program is broken up and how it follows the traditional classical way. Thanks for doing such a good job on your curriculum!

  • Laura Sasser
    Laura Sasser

    I love the look of this curriculum and can’t wait to start using it

  • Tara Bailey
    Tara Bailey

    Po Box 851we will be starting the chemistry in a few months. It looks fantastic! I love the lesson apln set-up, the supply list, and my kiddos love the look of the hands-on stuff!

  • Paige Hudson
    Paige Hudson

    Sarina K, Learning with Science was a hit with my son when he was three – please let us know if you have any questions!

    Becky, Glad you came to check us out – for the most part, our experiments use common household items. There are the odd men out, like liquid bluing in Intro to Science and the preserved frog in Biology for the Logic Stage, but we do offer kits to help out with that :-)!

    Justine, Thank you! We just put Earth Science & Astronomy for the Logic Stage back in stock – we had to update the main spine for the earth science portion as the old one went out of print.

    Anna, Thanks for checking us out and best of luck in the giveaway!

    Peggy H., Thank you for coming back year after year – best of luck in the giveaway!

    Brandi W., Glad to hear your kids are enjoying chemistry! Our programs all have weekly hands-on science activities as we believe that this is one of the three keys to teaching science. You can learn more about that here: https://elementalscience.com/blogs/podcast/60313923-3-keys-to-teaching-science-video.

    Erika E., Thank you for your kind words and I am so glad that we get to help you have fun as you teach science!

  • Paige Hudson
    Paige Hudson

    Becky, Glad to hear that your son enjoys science!

    Amber, Thank your friends for us and best of luck!

    Maribeth, Appreciate you giving us a shot – let us know if you have questions as you research your options!

    Amber C., Glad to know that you are enjoying Biology for the Logic Stage! Our experiment kits come with almost everything – you can see a complete list on the product page.

    Misty Lynn, The cat’s eye demonstration is a good one! Glad to hear you guys are enjoying your Sassafras journey so far :-).

    Carrie, Yeah! Chemistry is one of my personal favorites :-).

    Cassie B, We’d love to be your long haul science solution! Let us know if you have any questions as you research the options!

    Kristen, Glad to see that you are enjoying your Sassafras journey! It is hard to remember to have the supplies, it’s why we recommend purchasing a kit or gathering them all at once and setting them aside in a box high up on a shelf for safe keeping :-)!

  • Erika Estok
    Erika Estok

    We love how your lesson plans are set up. They are so easy to follow. It has been really fun teaching science!

  • Brandi W
    Brandi W

    We’re currently using your chemistry, and my kids are enjoying it. Thinking about Biology for next year. Are there a lot of hands on lessons, or is it more book work?

  • Peggy Harris
    Peggy Harris

    I LOVE your science. I’ve used it for 3 years now for my son and 1 year for my daughter. It’s on my list to get again this year. Hoping I win the gift certificate to help with that!

  • Anna

    I’ve not tried these, but a friend recommended them, and I haven’t found “my” science yet! These look promising!

  • Justine

    We love Elemental Science! I need to order Logic stage Astronomy soon. Is it being updated? Do you know when it will be back in stock? Thanks!

  • Becky

    I’ve heard good things about Elemental Science. Do your experiments use common household items, or are special kits necessary?

  • Sarina K
    Sarina K

    I have been looking at the Learning Through Science Colors init for my preschooler. It seems like a program she would love.

  • Kristen

    We love Sassafras Twins at our house. We are just starting Earth Science. It is hard to remember to have all the supplies needed for the experiments.

  • Cassie B
    Cassie B

    We haven’t found anything that we love for the long haul yet but we hope to soon. Perhaps this could help us find it!

  • Carrie

    We’re ready for some more formal science! I love that y’all follow closely to the WTM methods. Will be getting Chemistry for the Grammar Stage soon!

  • Misty Lynn
    Misty Lynn

    We are enjoying Sassafras Zoology. The cat eye project was a big hit. We look forward to the experiments in other areas of science with Elemental/Sassafras.

  • Amber Carter
    Amber Carter

    We are using Biology for the Logic Stage this year and we are enjoying it very much! Do the experiment kits come with everything you need?

  • Maribeth

    I know and trust Marilee’s opinions on curriculum. Since I’ve already begun searching for NEXT year, I need to give your materials real consideration!

  • Amber

    For many years I’ve used a little of this and a little of that to make a good science curriculum for my younger kids. I would love to try this as it’s been recommend to me through a few trusted homeschool families.

  • Becky

    My son loves science and the main reason he loves it is because it can be so hands-on with the experiments.

  • Paige Hudson
    Paige Hudson

    Beth, Glad you found us and best of luck!

    Sarah, Thanks and talk about perfect timing!

    Sharon, Yeah! So glad that we have been able to help you with science throughout the years!

    Andrea, Sassafras has been a big hit in our house too and you’re welcome!

    Elizabeth, Glad to hear you kids are feeling like real scientists and enjoying our logic stage series so far!

    Mallery, Yeah! I’ll be adding your question to the Q & A, but check your inbox for tips beforehand :-).

    Amanda, Sounds like your kids have a fantastic teacher – glad you are enjoying Intro to Science!

    Tricia, Chemistry is one of my favorites – glad you enjoyed earth science!

    Sarah M, We would love for you to try us out, too! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to drop us an email :-)!

    Marilee, I am blown away – thank you for such kind remarks!

  • Marilee

    12 years of homeschooling, we have been through countless science curricula. Elemental Science is the only one we love! This is the first time, ever, I am using and elementary science curriculum 2 years in a row, and I plan on using it next year too. Thank you so much!

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