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Convention and Speaking Schedule

2018 Conference Schedule

We will be hosting a virtual conference this year, which means you don't have to leave the comforts of your home to visit our booth!

You can get a tour of one of our series from the author:

Or you can listen to one of Paige's sessions:

You can join the fun by heading over to our YouTube channel to pick and choose the videos that interest you or start watch the whole shebang here:

We will be adding videos to our virtual booth throughout the 2018 convention season, so be sure to check back! 

2018 Session Descriptions

The Three Keys to Homeschool Science 

In this session, Paige details the three key ingredients for teaching science in your homeschool. She also provides several tools and methods you can use to apply the keys to your homeschool education plan from preschool through high school. (This session was shared in January of 2018. Learn about the three keys here.)

Inspiring your students to love science through living books 

In this session, Paige defines the key ingredients for qualifying a book as “living” and shares how to use these resources effectively in your homeschool. Paige also gives several examples of how to foster a love of science in your students through the use living books as spines or supplements. (This session was shared in February of 2018. Learn about living books here.)

I want to teach science, but these three hurdles stand in my way

In this session, Paige tackles the top three reasons people are afraid to teach science –experience, experiments, and equipment. She provides tips to help you jump over each of these hurdles and get straight to the science-learning fun!  (This session was shared in March of 2018. Leap over the hurdles here.)

Nature study – the natural way to learn about science

In this session, Paige explains what nature study is and where this method fits into science education. In the process, she shares about nature journals, how to use nature study with the whole family, and what nature study can look like in each of the seasons. You’ll be inspired to add this beneficial tool to your bag of science-teaching tricks!  (This session was shared in April of 2018. Learn about nature study here.)

Eliminate your fears and doubts about science fair projects!

In this session, Paige helps you move past the fear and doubt you have surrounding the much-dreaded science fair project! She shares 8 easy steps to complete a science fair project along with tips on when you should do one and advice for setting up a homeschool science fair co-op in your area.  (This session was shared in May of 2018. See how to do a science fair project.) 

Want to book Paige to speak at your event?

Please email support@elementalscience.com for availability and information or view a list of her current session offerings.