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2nd Edition Chemistry For The Grammar Stage Printed Combo

These classical science plans will help the homeschool teacher, co-op leader, or classroom educator teach biology to elementary students!

Chemistry for the Grammar Stage provides a first-look at chemistry for the classical student.  This program lays out a thirty-six week study of matter, the periodic table, physical and chemical changes, solutions, acids, and bases, plus a bit of organic chemistry. It includes weekly scientific demonstrations, reading assignments, notebooking assignments, additional activities, memory work, quizzes, and more! It is designed to be used with 2nd through 5th graders and has been recently updated to include a virtual buffet of options from which you can choose!

Additional Required Books 

Please view the sample for this program to see the additional books you need to have to complete the program. Alternatively, you can view a list of the spine texts with links on the Chemistry for the Grammar Stage Resource Page.

Product Details 

This printed combo includes 1 Chemistry for the Grammar Stage Teacher's Guide and 1 Chemistry for the Grammar Stage Student Workbook.

Chemistry for the Grammar Stage Teacher's Guide

  • perfect bound book (black & white interior)
  • 8 by 10 inches
  • 202 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-935614-48-7

Chemistry for the Grammar Stage Student Workbook

  • perfect bound book (black & white interior)
  • 8 by 10 inches
  • 170 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-935614-49-4


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