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3 Essentials of a Proven Homeschool Science Curriculum


3 Essentials of a Proven Science CurriculumThere are three essentials that must be included in each and every science curriculum. Each of these will help your students gain a true understanding of the subject.

Since many of us are gearing up for the upcoming school year, I wanted to take a moment to share with you all the three essentials of homeschool science.

I trust that they will help you as you prepare and organize a plan for next year.

ETA - Watch a video about these three keys to teaching science!


The first essential of a proven homeschool science curriculum is to have the students perform hands-on scientific tests. This will give them a chance to engage with the material they are learning face to face and to see science in action.

These scientific tests can be:

  • Teacher-led scientific demonstrations,
  • Student-performed experiments,
  • Nature studies,
  • Science fair projects,
  • Or interactive on-line demonstrations.

By performing regular hands-on scientific tests, the students are seeing the concepts they are learning in action.


The second essential of a proven homeschool science curriculum is to have the students gather information. In other words, they need to read about the science they have seen to learn more about the principles and concepts involved.

The students can read:

  • Standard textbooks,
  • Science-focused living books,
  • Non-fiction works,
  • Or age-appropriate encyclopedias.

By reading scientific information from one of the above resources, the students are learning the information they need to know.


The final essential of a proven homeschool science curriculum is to have the students keep a record of what they have learned. They need to write down the information the read about or saw during their experiment.

The student can do this through:

  • Notebooking pages,
  • Comprehension worksheets,
  • Lapbooks,
  • Or lab reports and experiment sheets.

By writing down what they have learned, the students are organizing and sharing with others the facts they have studied.


A proven science curriculum will have your homeschooled students performing regular scientific tests, gathering information from reliable sources, and keeping a record of what they have learned.

The great news is that each and every one of our programs includes these three essentials already laid out for you. So if you are using homeschool science curriculum from Elemental Science, you can rest easy knowing that you are giving your students a solid science education at home.

This article was written by our author, Paige Hudson . You can also find her mixing up solutions for homeschool science at Elemental Blogging. If you want to receive more articles just like this, plus our monthly discounts, sign up for our newsletter in the box below or click here .

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